Flora Joy to the World!

It’s Christmas in two days! Just like the wise men, I choose to focus on the STAR of this season.  It’s His Birthday yet He is the one giving us the BEST gift of all – Himself.


We may never equal what He gave but I still choose to give Him with what I have, the gift of  ME.  With His Birthday is the birth of my blog site – FLORA JOY OF WRITING.

I may not be the best writer but I love the written word. Before it was with pen and ink, then came the trusty old typewriter, then the text messages on the beeper, and the cellphone,  now it’s the computer.  God knows it very well as I love writing to Him on my journal (yes, I have accumulated several notebooks for this).  Technological advancements just made me realize that I do need to start writing using the internet, with my very own blog site.  So here I am sharing to the world this one thing I love to do. People who really know me, knows very well that I may talk a lot but I would always prefer writing down what I want to say because I express myself better through writing…thus, really knowing me is to read what I write.  

Happy Birthday, Jesus! This is one thing I have.  This is one thing I offer you on your special day.  May I glorify you with the words that I write.  May I bring joy to the people who read my blogs.  Welcome to My Joy! Welcome to My World of Writing!


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