How I met your father

My son who is now a full-pledged teenager at 14 years old has been hooked with this TV series.  Our bonding times together is watching marathon episodes all the way back to Season 1.  Yes, yes, I’m a long way off as it is already now going on its 7th season.  Whew!  This tv show started on the premise of a man named Ted telling his children the story of how he met his wife – their mother.  Well, he is a good storyteller as we still don’t know who the “mother” is in the story even if it’s on its 7th season.  Hahaha!  Now you know why we’re hooked trying to guess who “she” is.  This comedy is really funny. Really! We still talk and laugh about it even after we watch. Hehehe.

It is while watching this show that my son started to ask me – how did you meet papa?  I think he will regret asking me this question as I am a detailed storyteller myself.  My friends can attest to that.  I have such a photographic memory that I can remember even the smallest detail of an event, how much more my love story?! When I usually tell the story of my love life or anything related to it, my listeners (most often my best friends) would often end up in suspense.  They’d often interrupt me with “and? and?”, “then what?”, “can we go fast forward?”. Hahaha.  I tell it as if you are transported back in time to the actual scene, complete with actions of all people involved (e.g. the facial expressions, hand movements, etc.).  Yes, details are important to me.  So asking me this would mean you should be ready with atleast 20 seasons!  Hahaha!  

What did I reply to him?  Nothing.  Hehehe.  Not yet anyway as I plan to write it down for him one day so he can read all about it,  be inspired by it, learn from it, and someday share it with his kids my grandchildren.

Yes, dear readers, I kept you hanging.  Hahaha.

Who knows…I might end up finally writing my novel or even making a movie script about it.  Hehehe

Til then…;-)


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