My Heaven.

Sitti posted this question on her Facebook status yesterday – “What would your heaven be like?”.  When I read it, I remembered my post on my multiply blog on October 20, 2007 as follows:

how I want my WAKE to be…(when I’m aged 100…hehehe)…;-)

>>> I’m cremated…and put in a PINK URN…the place decorated with pink butterflies, pink flowers, pink ribbons…my obituary will be an invitation to a party…all my friends, best friends, classmates, batchmates, relatives, co-Sittizens, teachers are invited…everybody comes in pink…my debut pic where I’m wearing my pink dress will be enlarged and placed in front…my fave dance hits playing…Sitti to sing my song or songs (in God’s grace and favor)…my BEST FRIENDS will say their Eulogies…how they remember me…NO MASS…NO SERVICES…Just a program where people will sing…will dance…will share their stories of fond memories spent with me…if I have the time and the chance, I would make a video or a long letter or several letters…and all these will be played or read that day…the whole event videotaped for posterity…for my great-grandchildren to know and remember me…;-) 

Knowing that, for sure my idea of Heaven will be like this and more! Why?Jesus is with me!

And though I’m quite a big girl, I will always be a child at heart.

There is actually one thought that persists in my mind especially during “challenging” and “stormy” times in my life.  It’s like my “happy thought” I imagine myself to be in whenever I am worried, troubled, in doubt or in fear.  It is of me sleeping on the lap of Jesus sitting on His Throne.

Peace then envelops me.  It never fails.  That then is my idea of Heaven.  I can already be in it even while I’m still on earth.  *big toothy smile*


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