17 Years Ago…

My Prince and I celebrate our 241st Lunaversary today January 4, 2014. Instead of “Month-saries“, we call ours “Lunaversaries” as “Luna = Moon = Month”. For Lunaversaries, we usually start our count from the time we became boyfriend-girlfriend. But we also celebrate our 17th Church Wedding Anniversary today. 

Most of you may wonder why we had two weddings just two days apart – a Civil Wedding on January 2, 1997 and a Church Wedding on January 4, 1997. We have to backtrack a little as My Prince and I originally agreed to have a June 1997 Church Wedding so my two older siblings who were both abroad could attend it. But on December 22, 1996, after a visit to an Ob-Gyn doctor, I found out that I was already 2 months pregnant. Yup, our son knows this story and we don’t recommend it to anyone. 

Indeed it was all in God’s grace that when I told my Prince (my bf then) about it, he was ecstatic. At first he was confused looking at the Pregnancy Test Kit(which I actually gift-wrapped) seeing a plus sign. He asked me, “What’s this? A Phillips screw?“. Hahaha, Men! When I explained, “It means Positive.” The information finally became clearer to him, but he asked again, “You’re Pregnant? You sure this test is yours? Your urine was used here?“. I was laughing really loud this time. Hahaha! When I replied, “Yes, I’m sure it was my urine used in that kit. I never took my eyes off the kit during the whole test. I’m pregnant with your baby.” It was only then that he broke into a wide smile, and he hugged me so tight!

I proceeded in telling my mom about it over the phone as I was then in Bacolod and she was in Manila. Of course, my ever-supportive mom received the news gladly. I then told her of our plans but my mom, with her practical wisdom, suggested that it’s better to have one grand celebration, therefore one expenseall on January 4

When I arrived in Manila for Christmas, we had less than 10 days to prepare for the wedding. Others may have panicked, but not my mom. I’m sure I got my organizing/planning skills from my mom who was a Master Planner/Organizer among her many innate skills/talents/abilities (She was also great in housekeeping, cooking, baking, sales, fashion, arts & crafts, and many more. Seriously, she’s THAT good!). We had our wedding invitations printed rush in one day (with my mom’s design ideas!). We had our family dressmaker sew my wedding dress (Oh yes, designed by my mom! Told you, she’s multi-talented! She can actually sew dresses herself either manually or with a sewing machine.). My mom and I also made all our 100 wedding give-aways by hand (Hahaha! As if we had all the time in the world! We usually did them at night. It became one of our treasured bonding moments.).

A picture of my mom in her younger days.

My Prince and I even had a car accident 6 days before our wedding. Our car was bumped hard at the rear while we were delivering invitations. It was a miracle we weren’t hurt but there was a dent on the car. On January 2, we had our Civil wedding to speed up processing of our marriage documents. And our big day finally came on January 4 at the Shangri-la Makati Hotel. In God’s infinite favor, everything fell into place as my entourage and Principal Sponsors (some sent proxies) came inspite of the short noticecomposed of family, dear friends, college barkadas, and relatives. We had the ceremony in one function room while we had the reception on the other function hall beside it.

There were lots of food at the buffet table but I distinctly remember not being able to eat as I was just happy watching and taking it all in, cherishing each moment. Especially watching my mom happy. Looking back now, I thank God that she was able to play a big part on our wedding even if she was battling cancer then too. She succumbed to it two years later. My dear mom-in-law on the other hand was able to speak more words in her speech than my Prince who is always a man of few words. He only managed to say “Thank you, everybody.” that night. Hahaha.

There were lots of dancing and laughter. We had the usual champagne toast. My Prince who is allergic to alcohol (no matter how little) ended up sleeping at the bath tub of our hotel room at Shangri-la as he was vomiting the whole night. Awwww…what a way to start our adventure together! Hehehe.

Notice my two-month old baby bump, hehehe.

Note: I write these stories for our dear son and our future grandchildren to remember us by…;-)


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