My Prince And I. ;-)


I have always referred to my dear husband as My Prince. It is because I know that I am the daughter of the King of Kings, therefore I am a Princess. And I always associate Queens as “old”, hahaha. I will always be young at heart even at age 100 (my target age to die, hehehe). *big wide smile*

Yesterday, January 2, 2014, we celebrated our 17th Civil Wedding Anniversary. Yup, it seemed only like yesterday when we had our Civil Wedding Ceremony at the Manila City Hall, witnessed by my dear mom and my dear aunt-Tita Eva, who’s also like my second mom. We decided to have that ceremony only to speed up documents for our Church Wedding two days later on January 4. That’s another story.

After 17 years, by God’s grace and favor, we are still togetherhappy and in love. My dear Prince still knows how to be romantic with me, even with just his loving gaze and how he holds my hand. I still have my “Rapunzel moments” (aka “haba ng hair moments“).

Cheesy? Well, who says romance should stop on the wedding day? Who says there’s no more “kilig” after 17 years of marriage? Oh no, not in my book. Love and Romance should in fact be like wine, they should get better with “age“. *wives cheering in the background*

My Prince and I have been through lots of rough patches in our marriage. Well whose marriage didn’t? Yes, we are far from perfect. We still go through arguments, irritations, fights, and the like. Though we can say that we have seen God’s faithfulness through all these years. He has allowed us to grow from glory to glory. He has covered us with His mantle of protection from any evil, temptation, issues, distractions, and whatever negativity that may affect our marriage. It is funny and amazing how God has worked in each of us. Yes, complete with tears of Flora Joy, literally and figuratively.

I know our marriage journey still has a long way to go. More adventures to look forward in the coming days and years. There will be humps and bumps ahead, peppered with potholes and roadblocks, sometimes cruising smoothly, and other times with detours. Yet it is comforting to know that at this stage of my life I am at peace as My Prince holds my hand and My Papa God holds us both in the palm of His hands. This is a ride worth taking, worth risking, even if I have to scream through the dips and dives.

I have always told My Prince that I want us both to die at the age of 100. With almost a 5 year age difference, that would mean I will be there taking good care of him at my age of 95. That is my prayer. The organizer that I am, I want to be there on top of everything, making sure all his needs are met. Even to his last breath. Then I will still have 5 more years to settle everything for my own needs, our children’s and grandchildren’s needs. All these before I go home to Heaven with Papa God, an eternal happiness for My Prince and I…;-)


Note: It’s funny that I stopped blogging on January 3, 2012. Now I’m back to writing on January 3, 2014. Exactly 2 years later. Thanks to a 500-words writing challenge that I joined today. I hope to be able to keep writing just about anything. Join us if you want. 😉



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