Time’s Up?

#my500words – Day 4

Me, in September 2013…

They say, “Life begins at 40“. I am now 41 years, 1 month and 25 days to be exact. So I guess my life has just begun. Again. Actually, it has been “renewed” several times as I had been through several near-death experiences.

Dumaguete City, 1972:
When my mom was pregnant with me, her doctor suggested to have me aborted. She was exposed to German measles that time when she took care of her best friend’s sick son. She was told that I may have a birth defect if she pushes through with her pregnancy. But my mom said no. She wanted to go on in having me. Good decision! Here I am. Defect-free.

On my baptism day. My mom in black glasses. Her best friend carrying me.

Iloilo City, 1975:
My family and I were swimming in a pool at a family friend’s house. Curiosity of a child maybe. Or just a plain desire to swim on my own. I jumped into the pool. Unsupervised. I was told later on that an older female cousin grabbed my hair and pulled me out of the water. I didn’t drown. No CPR needed.

Me, at three.

Cauayan, Negros Occidental, 1985:
It was a sunny afternoon in my mom’s car on the way to Basay from Bacolod. A male cousin of hers was driving it while she was on the front passenger seat. I sat behind her. Another uncle, who’s a family friend, was at the back with me. There were raffle prizes and church donations between us. A pillow was propped up between my face and the car door. I was sleepy yet we were all singing together to an old Platters‘ song “Only You” coming from the cassette player in the car. I can remember that we were traversing a rough road that time. When suddenly, our car was shaking violently. My uncle was losing control of the steering wheel. I just felt that we were zigzagging and we hit something hard like a wall..on my side. The next thing I knew we were already upside down. Like a turned turtle. Everything was quiet then I heard my mom calling my name. I replied, “I’m o.k.” Maybe she didn’t hear me because she hurriedly went out through the broken windshield. Still calling my name. I was the last one to come out of the car. I was still chewing my gum. I saw my mom had so many scratches. Some were slightly bleeding. She got them from going through the broken glass of the windshield. I checked myself. No broken bones. No bruises. Not even a scratch. To think that the car door on my side was totally dented. Its window totally shattered. There was a reason for that pillow to be there all along.

St. Paul Quezon City, 1990:
I was in college and it was our lunch break. A group of students and I were crossing the street in front of our school. I wasn’t aware that a speeding jeepney was overtaking the other jeepneys as we reached the middle. All the others on my left were able to stop. Except me. The jeepney hit me on the left side of my body and I was thrown towards the other jeepney on my right. I dropped and rolled on the ground as people then swarmed around to check on me. I just stood up as if nothing happened. It is only when I saw my black heels all scraped to white that I realized the impact of what just transpired. Again, I had no fractures, bumps, bruises, nor scratches.

my graduation picture in 1992…

Yes, I have survived all these and more. These prove that there is a God. He sends His angels to protect us. And I believe one thing is sure. I still have a purpose on this earth. A God-given destiny. Time’s Up? Definitely not yet for me.

jer 29



My Progress:
January 3 – Day 1 – 579
January 4 – Day 2 – 792
January 5 – Day 3 – 626
January 6 – Day 4 – 652


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