Can Fairy Tales Be Real?

#my500words – Day 5

Women have this tendency to look for a fairy-tale romance. Growing up with Disney movies, we see Princesses and happily-ever-after endings. Inevitably, we expect the same thing and want it to be a reality in our lives. Sometimes to the extent that we imagine ourselves to be “damsels in distress” as we wait for our “knights in shining armor“. We dream of a love story filled with music, dancing, fairy godmothers…and even fireworks! Bippity boppity boo! Can it really happen in real life?

I can only speak for myself. Based on my own experience. My “knight” came not wearing an armor, but in jeans, striped polo shirt, and eyeglasses. I wasn’t in distress. I was, in fact, excited as we were scheduled that night to visit “Star City“. It’s an amusement park in Pasay City, Metro Manila. He was taking my friend out (his friend’s younger sister), and I was just tagging along.


Instead of Prince Charming, I even thought he was more like Julius Caesar because “he came, he saw, and he conquered“. Hahaha. I met him on that 26th of November and we were already boyfriend-girlfriend on the 4th of December of that same year. Just a week later! We got married after 3 years. Though I remember that he was already talking to my mom about his plans of marrying me as early as our first month together. He was not wasting time at all. Hahaha. Kidding aside, that’s what endeared him to me. He was serious to have me. And have me forever. *deep contented sigh*

Was there music? Most often he sings off-key. Definitely our son got his singing skills from me. Peace, My Prince. Hehehe. But nothing can stop him when he sings to me our theme song “Cherish The Treasure” every 4th of the month – on our Lunaversary. This he sings with feelings. *big wide toothy smile*

Was there dancing? Believe it or not, he has “two left feet“. Our son and I even kid him that he is not only “out of tune” in singing…but also in dancing. Hehehe. But we can always slow dance. *wink wink*

Were there fairy godmothers? We had my mother and my grandmother that time. Both with no wings, no wands, no magic. When he and I would fight, my mother would be the first to give a great advice. She never had negative words about him. I even felt she was on his side every time. My maternal grandmother equally loved him. She could not see anymore due to her cataracts but she had ‘bionic‘ ears. If he was visiting, my grandma would know it was him climbing up the stairs to her room. She would excitedly call out his name. Hmmm, wait a minute, they were playing favorites!

Were there fireworks? Literally only on New Year’s eve. Or figuratively during our fights. Hahaha.

One real thing for sure is that God has given me my Prince. Even if there are “witches, ogres, and trolls” coming up every now and then, we have God’s hedge of protection. He may not be in a physical armor, but my Prince wears a spiritual armor. He fights not with a physical sword, but he fights by praying for me, and for us. We may not be in a castle, nor surrounded by gardens and meadows, but our love is our home, our God is our security.


Why would fairy tales then be a hit, especially for women? I realized it is because of the LOVE in it. That means we can choose to open our eyes to “fairy tale” moments actually happening in our real lives. Praise God for letting me see these things through Love’s eyes when he cooks my favorite dishes, when he supports my endeavors, when he gently strokes my hair to make me sleep, when he helps with household chores, when he offers to do my errands, when he carries my stuff for me, when he hugs me tight, when he holds my hand, when he tenderly tucks my hair behind my ear, and many more.

So if you’re asking if I am living my happily ever after? You bet I do! *twirling in my pink gown*



My Progress:
January 3 – Day 1 – 579
January 4 – Day 2 – 792
January 5 – Day 3 – 626
January 6 – Day 4 – 652
January 7 – Day 5 – 709


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