God’s Miracle Today

#my500words – Day 6

My nephew Red has been with me since he was a baby. He is my eldest sister’s son. He was born with cerebral palsy. My mom took care of him since birth but I was always there to assist her. I took over when my mom passed away in 1999. I am blessed and favored that my husband has considered him like his own son too. It was like a package that he has to accept when he married me – to love the people I love. And he was more than willing to do so. Red, in fact, also sees him like his own dad.

Red somehow had faster developments when I had my son Jecho. They have a five-year age difference. He learned to walk when my son walked. He learned how to “talk” when my son did. But in a language that’s mostly understood by family members only. Especially by Jecho. Jecho became sort of our interpreter when they were growing up together. 

Now, Red is 21. Supposedly already a man. But with his condition, he still acts like a child. His favorite channel is still Disney Junior. Last night, I had to insist on turning off the television so he can sleep even if he didn’t want to. He sleeps on my left. While my husband sleeps on my right on the same bed. Red has his separate bed but since last year, he preferred sleeping beside me. Before sleeping, my husband and I prayed. It was unusual but I felt led by the Holy Spirit to pray more for Red. Red then hugged and kissed me before he laid down on the bed.

My favorite sleeping position is to rest my head on my husband’s left shoulder. While I was dozing off, I felt Red reaching for my hair and stroking it. I just ignored it. Then I slept. Around 4am, we heard Red say out a loud “Aaaahh” like he was in great pain. I immediately turned to face him. We saw him all stretched-out and stiff. He was having a severe epileptic seizure. I remembered that the last time he had this was almost 8 years ago. 

It is our 3rd day of Prayer and Fasting at our Church this week. I thank God for His grace that I was sensitive to His leading. When we saw that Red was already turning blue as he wasn’t breathing anymore, my first reaction was to pray out loud. I kept saying, “Thank you, Papa God, for Red. Thank You for his life. Thank You for healing him. Thank You for giving him to us. Thank You for letting him breathe. etc.” Over and over just praising God for all His blessings for Red, including praying in tongues. All the while I had to cradle his head in my arms to protect him from hurting himself. I had to hold his chin down as I saw streaks of blood coming out from his mouth. Maybe he was biting his lips already and they were bleeding because of it. 

I also noticed that Red, sort of, had this panic look in his eyes. Maybe because as he blackened-out, he became afraid as he doesn’t know nor understand what’s going on with him. He can’t see me. I was led by God to comfort him by saying gently, “It’s okay Red. God has healed you. Mama is here. Just breathe. It’s okay. I’m here.” Again saying them over and over. I felt Red breathe in a relaxed way this time. But he still had this blank look and he was just staring at nothing. I then sang, “You are the strength of my life, Lord. It doesn’t matter what may come my way. You are the strength of my life, Lord. I’m holding on to You.” We noticed Red stirred. He looked at each one of us. It seemed that he was trying to recognize who we were. 

Jecho was now up. He thought he was dreaming when he heard us talking, praying, and singing. Red was now much better. He sat down on the bed and went near Jecho. He smiled and waved at Jecho. He laid down again, faced my husband, and fist-bumped him. He hugged and kissed me. We have Red back. 

When Red went back to sleep, I stayed up to observe him. I thanked God again for being REAL in our lives. For being the same God then and now – ALIVE. He can do miracles centuries ago and He can still do miracles TODAY. Praise Him forever!



My Progress:
January 3 – Day 1 – 579
January 4 – Day 2 – 792
January 5 – Day 3 – 626
January 6 – Day 4 – 652
January 7 – Day 5 – 709
January 8 – Day 6 – 777


6 thoughts on “God’s Miracle Today

  1. Red is so blessed to have you guys, kindly kiss Red for me. Wow he is now 21, i can still remember him during preschool at Makati sports.

  2. A very inspiring story of faith and, as you said, being sensitive to God’s leading. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. ” Ecclesiastes 3 : To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” . You have a good heart and not many people can do what you have done. Red is lucky to have found a “real mama” like you….Thanks for sharing your family story. 💕

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