God’s Miracle Today

#my500words – Day 6

My nephew Red has been with me since he was a baby. He is my eldest sister’s son. He was born with cerebral palsy. My mom took care of him since birth but I was always there to assist her. I took over when my mom passed away in 1999. I am blessed and favored that my husband has considered him like his own son too. It was like a package that he has to accept when he married me – to love the people I love. And he was more than willing to do so. Red, in fact, also sees him like his own dad.

Red somehow had faster developments when I had my son Jecho. They have a five-year age difference. He learned to walk when my son walked. He learned how to “talk” when my son did. But in a language that’s mostly understood by family members only. Especially by Jecho. Jecho became sort of our interpreter when they were growing up together. 

Now, Red is 21. Supposedly already a man. But with his condition, he still acts like a child. His favorite channel is still Disney Junior. Last night, I had to insist on turning off the television so he can sleep even if he didn’t want to. He sleeps on my left. While my husband sleeps on my right on the same bed. Red has his separate bed but since last year, he preferred sleeping beside me. Before sleeping, my husband and I prayed. It was unusual but I felt led by the Holy Spirit to pray more for Red. Red then hugged and kissed me before he laid down on the bed.

My favorite sleeping position is to rest my head on my husband’s left shoulder. While I was dozing off, I felt Red reaching for my hair and stroking it. I just ignored it. Then I slept. Around 4am, we heard Red say out a loud “Aaaahh” like he was in great pain. I immediately turned to face him. We saw him all stretched-out and stiff. He was having a severe epileptic seizure. I remembered that the last time he had this was almost 8 years ago. 

It is our 3rd day of Prayer and Fasting at our Church this week. I thank God for His grace that I was sensitive to His leading. When we saw that Red was already turning blue as he wasn’t breathing anymore, my first reaction was to pray out loud. I kept saying, “Thank you, Papa God, for Red. Thank You for his life. Thank You for healing him. Thank You for giving him to us. Thank You for letting him breathe. etc.” Over and over just praising God for all His blessings for Red, including praying in tongues. All the while I had to cradle his head in my arms to protect him from hurting himself. I had to hold his chin down as I saw streaks of blood coming out from his mouth. Maybe he was biting his lips already and they were bleeding because of it. 

I also noticed that Red, sort of, had this panic look in his eyes. Maybe because as he blackened-out, he became afraid as he doesn’t know nor understand what’s going on with him. He can’t see me. I was led by God to comfort him by saying gently, “It’s okay Red. God has healed you. Mama is here. Just breathe. It’s okay. I’m here.” Again saying them over and over. I felt Red breathe in a relaxed way this time. But he still had this blank look and he was just staring at nothing. I then sang, “You are the strength of my life, Lord. It doesn’t matter what may come my way. You are the strength of my life, Lord. I’m holding on to You.” We noticed Red stirred. He looked at each one of us. It seemed that he was trying to recognize who we were. 

Jecho was now up. He thought he was dreaming when he heard us talking, praying, and singing. Red was now much better. He sat down on the bed and went near Jecho. He smiled and waved at Jecho. He laid down again, faced my husband, and fist-bumped him. He hugged and kissed me. We have Red back. 

When Red went back to sleep, I stayed up to observe him. I thanked God again for being REAL in our lives. For being the same God then and now – ALIVE. He can do miracles centuries ago and He can still do miracles TODAY. Praise Him forever!


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Can Fairy Tales Be Real?

#my500words – Day 5

Women have this tendency to look for a fairy-tale romance. Growing up with Disney movies, we see Princesses and happily-ever-after endings. Inevitably, we expect the same thing and want it to be a reality in our lives. Sometimes to the extent that we imagine ourselves to be “damsels in distress” as we wait for our “knights in shining armor“. We dream of a love story filled with music, dancing, fairy godmothers…and even fireworks! Bippity boppity boo! Can it really happen in real life?

I can only speak for myself. Based on my own experience. My “knight” came not wearing an armor, but in jeans, striped polo shirt, and eyeglasses. I wasn’t in distress. I was, in fact, excited as we were scheduled that night to visit “Star City“. It’s an amusement park in Pasay City, Metro Manila. He was taking my friend out (his friend’s younger sister), and I was just tagging along.


Instead of Prince Charming, I even thought he was more like Julius Caesar because “he came, he saw, and he conquered“. Hahaha. I met him on that 26th of November and we were already boyfriend-girlfriend on the 4th of December of that same year. Just a week later! We got married after 3 years. Though I remember that he was already talking to my mom about his plans of marrying me as early as our first month together. He was not wasting time at all. Hahaha. Kidding aside, that’s what endeared him to me. He was serious to have me. And have me forever. *deep contented sigh*

Was there music? Most often he sings off-key. Definitely our son got his singing skills from me. Peace, My Prince. Hehehe. But nothing can stop him when he sings to me our theme song “Cherish The Treasure” every 4th of the month – on our Lunaversary. This he sings with feelings. *big wide toothy smile*

Was there dancing? Believe it or not, he has “two left feet“. Our son and I even kid him that he is not only “out of tune” in singing…but also in dancing. Hehehe. But we can always slow dance. *wink wink*

Were there fairy godmothers? We had my mother and my grandmother that time. Both with no wings, no wands, no magic. When he and I would fight, my mother would be the first to give a great advice. She never had negative words about him. I even felt she was on his side every time. My maternal grandmother equally loved him. She could not see anymore due to her cataracts but she had ‘bionic‘ ears. If he was visiting, my grandma would know it was him climbing up the stairs to her room. She would excitedly call out his name. Hmmm, wait a minute, they were playing favorites!

Were there fireworks? Literally only on New Year’s eve. Or figuratively during our fights. Hahaha.

One real thing for sure is that God has given me my Prince. Even if there are “witches, ogres, and trolls” coming up every now and then, we have God’s hedge of protection. He may not be in a physical armor, but my Prince wears a spiritual armor. He fights not with a physical sword, but he fights by praying for me, and for us. We may not be in a castle, nor surrounded by gardens and meadows, but our love is our home, our God is our security.


Why would fairy tales then be a hit, especially for women? I realized it is because of the LOVE in it. That means we can choose to open our eyes to “fairy tale” moments actually happening in our real lives. Praise God for letting me see these things through Love’s eyes when he cooks my favorite dishes, when he supports my endeavors, when he gently strokes my hair to make me sleep, when he helps with household chores, when he offers to do my errands, when he carries my stuff for me, when he hugs me tight, when he holds my hand, when he tenderly tucks my hair behind my ear, and many more.

So if you’re asking if I am living my happily ever after? You bet I do! *twirling in my pink gown*



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What I Saw In Him.

#my500words – Day 3

I have been with this man for 241 months. It was not love at first sight for me when we first met. I never believed in that. Like a song’s melody, I may be drawn to a person for his looks. But the lyrics is what makes me stay – its meaning, its essence, its character.

I am reminded about that again today when I had my quiet time. I read the book “When couples walk together” – a gift from my dear friend Nancy. At the end of the chapter I was reading, it said, “Go ahead and make a list of at least 5 things you appreciate about your spouse.

Here’s my list.

First, he loves me. He is a man of few words. But when he does speak, he says the right words that melt my heart. He doesn’t only convey his love through words but also in his actions. Like in the simplest of things such as giving me a foot massage. Or a tight hug. Always when I needed them. I admit that my favorite place in the world is in his arms. He is my home.


Second, he loves my family. Even those who are hard to love. He is in fact closer to some of them than I am with them. He treats my nephews and niece like they were his own children. He cares for them. A lot of people have mentioned that I am fortunate to have someone like him in this aspect. I agree. Some even said that if they were in his shoes, they wouldn’t care as much as he does. Yes, I am blessed.

with my nephews, niece, and our son…

Third, he loves his family. And he is not afraid nor embarrassed to show this. It is rare nowadays to find a grown man saying “I love you” to his mom and to his sisters. He hugs them and kisses their foreheads. This I find so endearing.


Fourth, he loves our son. One memory that will always be clear is that no one has ever touched our son’s baby bottles except him. He personally cleaned and sterilized them. So thoroughly. Making sure there were no soap residues. He is actually more protective of our son than I am. No mosquitoes allowed near our son. Hahaha. I could just imagine how he would be if we had a daughter. 😉

with our son, 16 years ago…

Fifth and definitely not the least, he loves God. This might be unimaginable especially to those who have known him in his younger days. He is not faultless. His life’s journey is colorful but definitely a great testimony of God’s grace. He is a work in progress, like most of us. But I can truly say that he is far from who he was before. I can only thank God for this. When I travel, he prays for me over the phone. Knowing that he fears God has been my only source of peace. If I have an issue with him, I let God fight my battles for me. I let God deal with him. It is the most effective of all.

There are more things I appreciate about my husband. Like his weird sense of humor. Like how he is kind and friendly to people from all walks of life. Like how he doesn’t mind sharing household chores. I can go on and on. Yes, my husband has his shortcomings and weaknesses. But as Philippians 4:8 (NIV) says, “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

It is my choice to see the good in my husband. And count my blessings.


My Progress:
January 3 – Day 1 – 579
January 4 – Day 2 – 792
January 5 – Day 3 – 626

17 Years Ago…

My Prince and I celebrate our 241st Lunaversary today January 4, 2014. Instead of “Month-saries“, we call ours “Lunaversaries” as “Luna = Moon = Month”. For Lunaversaries, we usually start our count from the time we became boyfriend-girlfriend. But we also celebrate our 17th Church Wedding Anniversary today. 

Most of you may wonder why we had two weddings just two days apart – a Civil Wedding on January 2, 1997 and a Church Wedding on January 4, 1997. We have to backtrack a little as My Prince and I originally agreed to have a June 1997 Church Wedding so my two older siblings who were both abroad could attend it. But on December 22, 1996, after a visit to an Ob-Gyn doctor, I found out that I was already 2 months pregnant. Yup, our son knows this story and we don’t recommend it to anyone. 

Indeed it was all in God’s grace that when I told my Prince (my bf then) about it, he was ecstatic. At first he was confused looking at the Pregnancy Test Kit(which I actually gift-wrapped) seeing a plus sign. He asked me, “What’s this? A Phillips screw?“. Hahaha, Men! When I explained, “It means Positive.” The information finally became clearer to him, but he asked again, “You’re Pregnant? You sure this test is yours? Your urine was used here?“. I was laughing really loud this time. Hahaha! When I replied, “Yes, I’m sure it was my urine used in that kit. I never took my eyes off the kit during the whole test. I’m pregnant with your baby.” It was only then that he broke into a wide smile, and he hugged me so tight!

I proceeded in telling my mom about it over the phone as I was then in Bacolod and she was in Manila. Of course, my ever-supportive mom received the news gladly. I then told her of our plans but my mom, with her practical wisdom, suggested that it’s better to have one grand celebration, therefore one expenseall on January 4

When I arrived in Manila for Christmas, we had less than 10 days to prepare for the wedding. Others may have panicked, but not my mom. I’m sure I got my organizing/planning skills from my mom who was a Master Planner/Organizer among her many innate skills/talents/abilities (She was also great in housekeeping, cooking, baking, sales, fashion, arts & crafts, and many more. Seriously, she’s THAT good!). We had our wedding invitations printed rush in one day (with my mom’s design ideas!). We had our family dressmaker sew my wedding dress (Oh yes, designed by my mom! Told you, she’s multi-talented! She can actually sew dresses herself either manually or with a sewing machine.). My mom and I also made all our 100 wedding give-aways by hand (Hahaha! As if we had all the time in the world! We usually did them at night. It became one of our treasured bonding moments.).

A picture of my mom in her younger days.

My Prince and I even had a car accident 6 days before our wedding. Our car was bumped hard at the rear while we were delivering invitations. It was a miracle we weren’t hurt but there was a dent on the car. On January 2, we had our Civil wedding to speed up processing of our marriage documents. And our big day finally came on January 4 at the Shangri-la Makati Hotel. In God’s infinite favor, everything fell into place as my entourage and Principal Sponsors (some sent proxies) came inspite of the short noticecomposed of family, dear friends, college barkadas, and relatives. We had the ceremony in one function room while we had the reception on the other function hall beside it.

There were lots of food at the buffet table but I distinctly remember not being able to eat as I was just happy watching and taking it all in, cherishing each moment. Especially watching my mom happy. Looking back now, I thank God that she was able to play a big part on our wedding even if she was battling cancer then too. She succumbed to it two years later. My dear mom-in-law on the other hand was able to speak more words in her speech than my Prince who is always a man of few words. He only managed to say “Thank you, everybody.” that night. Hahaha.

There were lots of dancing and laughter. We had the usual champagne toast. My Prince who is allergic to alcohol (no matter how little) ended up sleeping at the bath tub of our hotel room at Shangri-la as he was vomiting the whole night. Awwww…what a way to start our adventure together! Hehehe.

Notice my two-month old baby bump, hehehe.

Note: I write these stories for our dear son and our future grandchildren to remember us by…;-)

My Prince And I. ;-)


I have always referred to my dear husband as My Prince. It is because I know that I am the daughter of the King of Kings, therefore I am a Princess. And I always associate Queens as “old”, hahaha. I will always be young at heart even at age 100 (my target age to die, hehehe). *big wide smile*

Yesterday, January 2, 2014, we celebrated our 17th Civil Wedding Anniversary. Yup, it seemed only like yesterday when we had our Civil Wedding Ceremony at the Manila City Hall, witnessed by my dear mom and my dear aunt-Tita Eva, who’s also like my second mom. We decided to have that ceremony only to speed up documents for our Church Wedding two days later on January 4. That’s another story.

After 17 years, by God’s grace and favor, we are still togetherhappy and in love. My dear Prince still knows how to be romantic with me, even with just his loving gaze and how he holds my hand. I still have my “Rapunzel moments” (aka “haba ng hair moments“).

Cheesy? Well, who says romance should stop on the wedding day? Who says there’s no more “kilig” after 17 years of marriage? Oh no, not in my book. Love and Romance should in fact be like wine, they should get better with “age“. *wives cheering in the background*

My Prince and I have been through lots of rough patches in our marriage. Well whose marriage didn’t? Yes, we are far from perfect. We still go through arguments, irritations, fights, and the like. Though we can say that we have seen God’s faithfulness through all these years. He has allowed us to grow from glory to glory. He has covered us with His mantle of protection from any evil, temptation, issues, distractions, and whatever negativity that may affect our marriage. It is funny and amazing how God has worked in each of us. Yes, complete with tears of Flora Joy, literally and figuratively.

I know our marriage journey still has a long way to go. More adventures to look forward in the coming days and years. There will be humps and bumps ahead, peppered with potholes and roadblocks, sometimes cruising smoothly, and other times with detours. Yet it is comforting to know that at this stage of my life I am at peace as My Prince holds my hand and My Papa God holds us both in the palm of His hands. This is a ride worth taking, worth risking, even if I have to scream through the dips and dives.

I have always told My Prince that I want us both to die at the age of 100. With almost a 5 year age difference, that would mean I will be there taking good care of him at my age of 95. That is my prayer. The organizer that I am, I want to be there on top of everything, making sure all his needs are met. Even to his last breath. Then I will still have 5 more years to settle everything for my own needs, our children’s and grandchildren’s needs. All these before I go home to Heaven with Papa God, an eternal happiness for My Prince and I…;-)


Note: It’s funny that I stopped blogging on January 3, 2012. Now I’m back to writing on January 3, 2014. Exactly 2 years later. Thanks to a 500-words writing challenge that I joined today. I hope to be able to keep writing just about anything. Join us if you want. 😉


How It All Began…

I write this to commemorate our 15th Civil Wedding Anniversary (January 2, 2012) and 15th Church Wedding Anniversary (January 4, 2012)…more blessed years with you, My Prince! 😀

Me! In High School… 😉

Once upon a time in an island shaped like a sock (check your Philippine Map!), a Princess in Pink (duh! what else? hahaha) was walking in an open field (it’s now a parking lot, sigh).  So young, naive and innocent, she is like a little child even in her teens.  A protective pair of eyes follow her wherever she goes.  The Princess may not have known it then but a promise has been made at this time.  She was marked to be a wifehis wife.

6 years later, the doorbell rang, the Princess opened the door to see a man.  She wonders why this man who is a stranger to her eyes doesn’t seem to be a stranger to her at all.  All through the night they talked.  It felt right.  They clicked.  They were comfortable talking about anything and everything as if they have known each other all their lives.  Though they were in a group, it looked as if there were just the two of them.  They ate the same thing.  They sat together.  Laughed together.  The man was asked, “Where will you spend Christmas?”  He jokingly answered, “with her”, pointing to the Princess.  She also went along the joke by saying, “yes, call me on Christmas Eve, he’s with me.”  Both meant it as a joke but it was a prophecy. 😉

The man never for once left her side that night.  The night ended with a smile on his face and a wonder on her mind.  What does this mean? It didn’t end there as they met again a week later.  This time it’s just the two of them.  The Princess was uncertain if she will go with him but the man was persistent.  So they went on their very first date.  As with their first meeting, their conversation was easy and spontaneous.  Though the man was more demonstrative with his feelings…by the way he tries to hold her hand, the way he looks at her, and even when he walks with her.  This did not escape her attention.  She felt it.  She just knew it’s special.  It’s different.  Like he said…it was Chemistry. 😉

The Princess has met her Prince. 😀

our theme song!

How I met your father

My son who is now a full-pledged teenager at 14 years old has been hooked with this TV series.  Our bonding times together is watching marathon episodes all the way back to Season 1.  Yes, yes, I’m a long way off as it is already now going on its 7th season.  Whew!  This tv show started on the premise of a man named Ted telling his children the story of how he met his wife – their mother.  Well, he is a good storyteller as we still don’t know who the “mother” is in the story even if it’s on its 7th season.  Hahaha!  Now you know why we’re hooked trying to guess who “she” is.  This comedy is really funny. Really! We still talk and laugh about it even after we watch. Hehehe.

It is while watching this show that my son started to ask me – how did you meet papa?  I think he will regret asking me this question as I am a detailed storyteller myself.  My friends can attest to that.  I have such a photographic memory that I can remember even the smallest detail of an event, how much more my love story?! When I usually tell the story of my love life or anything related to it, my listeners (most often my best friends) would often end up in suspense.  They’d often interrupt me with “and? and?”, “then what?”, “can we go fast forward?”. Hahaha.  I tell it as if you are transported back in time to the actual scene, complete with actions of all people involved (e.g. the facial expressions, hand movements, etc.).  Yes, details are important to me.  So asking me this would mean you should be ready with atleast 20 seasons!  Hahaha!  

What did I reply to him?  Nothing.  Hehehe.  Not yet anyway as I plan to write it down for him one day so he can read all about it,  be inspired by it, learn from it, and someday share it with his kids my grandchildren.

Yes, dear readers, I kept you hanging.  Hahaha.

Who knows…I might end up finally writing my novel or even making a movie script about it.  Hehehe

Til then…;-)