How I met your father

My son who is now a full-pledged teenager at 14 years old has been hooked with this TV series.  Our bonding times together is watching marathon episodes all the way back to Season 1.  Yes, yes, I’m a long way off as it is already now going on its 7th season.  Whew!  This tv show started on the premise of a man named Ted telling his children the story of how he met his wife – their mother.  Well, he is a good storyteller as we still don’t know who the “mother” is in the story even if it’s on its 7th season.  Hahaha!  Now you know why we’re hooked trying to guess who “she” is.  This comedy is really funny. Really! We still talk and laugh about it even after we watch. Hehehe.

It is while watching this show that my son started to ask me – how did you meet papa?  I think he will regret asking me this question as I am a detailed storyteller myself.  My friends can attest to that.  I have such a photographic memory that I can remember even the smallest detail of an event, how much more my love story?! When I usually tell the story of my love life or anything related to it, my listeners (most often my best friends) would often end up in suspense.  They’d often interrupt me with “and? and?”, “then what?”, “can we go fast forward?”. Hahaha.  I tell it as if you are transported back in time to the actual scene, complete with actions of all people involved (e.g. the facial expressions, hand movements, etc.).  Yes, details are important to me.  So asking me this would mean you should be ready with atleast 20 seasons!  Hahaha!  

What did I reply to him?  Nothing.  Hehehe.  Not yet anyway as I plan to write it down for him one day so he can read all about it,  be inspired by it, learn from it, and someday share it with his kids my grandchildren.

Yes, dear readers, I kept you hanging.  Hahaha.

Who knows…I might end up finally writing my novel or even making a movie script about it.  Hehehe

Til then…;-)


My Heaven.

Sitti posted this question on her Facebook status yesterday – “What would your heaven be like?”.  When I read it, I remembered my post on my multiply blog on October 20, 2007 as follows:

how I want my WAKE to be…(when I’m aged 100…hehehe)…;-)

>>> I’m cremated…and put in a PINK URN…the place decorated with pink butterflies, pink flowers, pink ribbons…my obituary will be an invitation to a party…all my friends, best friends, classmates, batchmates, relatives, co-Sittizens, teachers are invited…everybody comes in pink…my debut pic where I’m wearing my pink dress will be enlarged and placed in front…my fave dance hits playing…Sitti to sing my song or songs (in God’s grace and favor)…my BEST FRIENDS will say their Eulogies…how they remember me…NO MASS…NO SERVICES…Just a program where people will sing…will dance…will share their stories of fond memories spent with me…if I have the time and the chance, I would make a video or a long letter or several letters…and all these will be played or read that day…the whole event videotaped for posterity…for my great-grandchildren to know and remember me…;-) 

Knowing that, for sure my idea of Heaven will be like this and more! Why?Jesus is with me!

And though I’m quite a big girl, I will always be a child at heart.

There is actually one thought that persists in my mind especially during “challenging” and “stormy” times in my life.  It’s like my “happy thought” I imagine myself to be in whenever I am worried, troubled, in doubt or in fear.  It is of me sleeping on the lap of Jesus sitting on His Throne.

Peace then envelops me.  It never fails.  That then is my idea of Heaven.  I can already be in it even while I’m still on earth.  *big toothy smile*

Let Him in…


December 24, 2011 at 12:27am

It was the night before Christmas, when all through Bethlehem

Joseph and Mary were knocking  on all doors of the inns.

Not a single room nor a small space was given,

For a baby to be born to save us from our sins.


We may think this story is old which only happened then,

haven’t we realized that it has always been the same since?

He has been knocking in our lives again and again,

yet we refuse to make Him part of our earthly existence.


Though we’re like modern innkeepers who didn’t open

our hearts shut tight towards God’s Loving Presence.

He mercifully never gives up on us His children

’til we let Him in, our Savior and King of Kings.

Are you listening?

Have you heard this before?  If you did, it’s a sign that the person talking to you felt that you were not paying attention.  What actually matters in a conversation is making the other feel that you are present at that moment – both mind and body.  Not just physically present but mentally absent.  Most of us are guilty about this.  In these times, we have so many distractions.  Sometimes we think about what to say next.  Sometimes we’re thinking about something else like errands to do, things to settle, and other endless lists.  Women also talk more than men.  We talk in any occasion and in every emotion, whether we’re happy or sad, excited or depressed.  The other person doesn’t even need to dispense advice.  We just like to feel being listened to.

Kids, especially teenagers, are particular about this.

I hope that as parents we can learn to be there for our kids before other people do.  How sad it will be if they get this attention from strangers.

It happens to married couples too.


How many marriages have been broken just because somebody else listens to their spouses more.  And how many arguments, fights and wars could have been avoided if  people just listened more.  Even with our prayers, most of us think that it’s a one-way street, we do all the talking (usually asking God for blessings).  We forget that God speaks in a still small voice and we have to really take time to be quiet and listen to Him.

The Bible reminds us in James 1:19 “My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.”  This Christmas, may we learn to give time to our loved-ones.  Time to listen.  Time to know them more.  It’s something you can give for free but you will surely reap great benefits. You’ll be surprised of new things you can discover about them… if you just only listen. 😉

Flora Joy to the World!

It’s Christmas in two days! Just like the wise men, I choose to focus on the STAR of this season.  It’s His Birthday yet He is the one giving us the BEST gift of all – Himself.


We may never equal what He gave but I still choose to give Him with what I have, the gift of  ME.  With His Birthday is the birth of my blog site – FLORA JOY OF WRITING.

I may not be the best writer but I love the written word. Before it was with pen and ink, then came the trusty old typewriter, then the text messages on the beeper, and the cellphone,  now it’s the computer.  God knows it very well as I love writing to Him on my journal (yes, I have accumulated several notebooks for this).  Technological advancements just made me realize that I do need to start writing using the internet, with my very own blog site.  So here I am sharing to the world this one thing I love to do. People who really know me, knows very well that I may talk a lot but I would always prefer writing down what I want to say because I express myself better through writing…thus, really knowing me is to read what I write.  

Happy Birthday, Jesus! This is one thing I have.  This is one thing I offer you on your special day.  May I glorify you with the words that I write.  May I bring joy to the people who read my blogs.  Welcome to My Joy! Welcome to My World of Writing!

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